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Bluebell Ridge (RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre

Tel: 01424 752121 (11:30am-3pm every day except Thurs)
Come along and visit our lovely cats who are waiting for new homes. We know they will be pleased to see you!
RSPCA Emergency Helpline Number: 0300 1234 999
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Bluebell Ridge is owned and operated by the Sussex East and Hastings Branch of the RSPCA. It is a separate charity within the national body and is entirely self-financing.

Each year the Branch has to raise approximately £150,000 to keep the centre open and this is done through fundraising events, pen sponsorship, donations, legacies and adoption fees for the cats. The cattery does not receive any funding from the RSPCA.

The branch also runs a dog re-homing facility which is done on a home from home basis  and very successfully re homes approximately 100 dogs in a year.  

The cattery also microchips cats for the public at a reduced fee of £10.To support Bluebell Ridge and the Dog Rehoming there is a charity shop in Bexhill town.

Forthcoming Events

Please look at our Forthcoming Events page for a full details and a complete list.

2nd Aug 15 Open Day
At Bluebell Ridge Cat Re-homing Centre
31st Aug 15 Motor Show
At Bexhill
20th Sep 15 Open Day
At Bluebell Ridge Cat Re-homing Centre
17th Oct 15 Collection
At Langney Shopping Centre
28th Nov 15 Christmas Fayre
At Fairlight

Latest News

For a complete list of our news, please see the Latest News page.

24th Jun 15 Open Day Change of Date
8th Jun 15 Open Garden To Raise Funds For Bluebell Ridge
25th May 15 Open Day Raises £1,369
1st May 15 You Can Now Find us on Pinterest!
29th Apr 15 Cat and Dog Rehoming Figures


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*Please note we are not responsible for the content on non-RSPCA Websites



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Skittles - Ginger Tabby and White Short Haired Male, 7 Years Old.Bubbles - Tabby and White Short Haired Female, 7 Years Old.Skittles and Bubbles are a sweet pair of cats who can be quite nervous of new people and new surroundings. They are still finding their feet here at the cattery, but they are slowly coming round and once they have got use to you, revel in a good fuss and head scratch, purring loudly. They are looking for a nice quiet home where they can be their true selves.
Black Short Haired Female, 5 Years Old Approximately.Sooty is a gorgeous, sweet girl with a calm and quiet nature. Although she can be initially shy, she soon comes round and enjoys a quiet fuss in the comfort of her pod. She is a cat that enjoys the quiet life and is often found outside in her run watching the world go by. She is looking for a quiet home without other cats.
Black Semi-Long Haired Male, 5 Years Old Approximately.Zac is a handsome gentle boy. Who loves to chat to try and draw your attention to him. He is happy for you to make a fuss of him and likes to have his head stroked. He is a lovely cat who will make a great companion in any household. He is still sitting here waiting patiently for his forever home and is a loving cat who has been at the centre now for too long. Please if you can give him a home come and visit him he will be pleased to see you.
Tabby Short Haired Male, 4 Years Old Approx.Barney is a real live wire, full of energy and always seen charging around his run. He is a real character that loves a fuss and people to play with. He can also have his quiet moments where he will curl himself up on your lap to have a rest and soak up all of the attention. He will make a great companion to a household without cats, may settle with a dog.
White Short Haired Female, 8 Years Old.Poppy is a beautiful girl who craves attention and constantly enjoys a fuss. She likes to sit up on her shelf and watch all thats going on or sit outside enjoying the sunshine. She is an affectionate girl who will make a lovely companion but needs to be the only cat.
Bluebell Ridge (RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre
Tel: 01424 752121 (11:30am-3pm every day except Thursdays)
RSPCA Emergency Helpline Number: 0300 1234 999

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Bluebell Ridge
(RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre
Tel: 01424 752121
(12pm-3pm every day except Thurs)
RSPCA Emergency Helpline:
0300 1234 999