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Bluebell Ridge (RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre

Tel: 01424 752121 (11am-3pm every day except Thurs)
Come along and visit our lovely cats who are waiting for new homes. We know they will be pleased to see you!
RSPCA Emergency Helpline Number: 0300 1234 999
Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Following the UK Government announcement, we will be closed to the public until further notice. The staff are working as normal to care for our cats. Our telephones remain in operation 11.00am - 3.00pm everyday, except Thursdays. We are unable to take cats in from the public. 

See news for details.
Dog and Cat Drawing

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£5 buys a toy that will enrich a pet’s life
£15 provides shelter, food and bedding
£25 will pay for vital veterinary care

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The 20 Challenge

Help us celebrate Bluebell Ridges 20th Anniversary by participating in our '20' challenge and raise money at the same time. 

You could swim 20 lengths; walk for 20 minutes every day or ask 20 friends to do something to help raise money for animals in need. 

If you're stuck for ideas, please see below some of our suggestions. 

  • Run a coffee morning
    Why not run a coffee morning and invite 20 friends to come along?

  • Bake 20 cakes
    Put your baking skills to the test! Bake 20 cakes and run a cake sale at your work or school. 

  • Give something up
    Give up your favourite food or drink for 20 days and raise sponsorship.

  • Cycle 20 miles
    Could you challenge yourself and do a 20-mile sponsored bike ride? You could ride from Hastings to Rye and back.

  • Sponsored Walk
    Why not walk for 20 minutes every day and raise sponsorship.

If you would like to take part in the 20 Challenge, you can download our 
Sponsorship Form and Event Poster.

Any funds that you raise will help us to be there for more local animals who desperately need our help. 

If you require any help with your fundraising activity, please contact Nikki at or 01424 752121

Published on Monday 2nd March 2020


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Black and white DLH male, 8 years old.Mufasa is a gentle placid cat who loves attention. He is a cat who loves home comforts and can be found snuggled in his bed. He now deserves a forever home where he is loved. Mufasa will need regular grooming to keep his coat in good condition.
Black DSH female, 7 1/2 years old.Sasha is a beauty with a sensitive nature. Although she finds new situations a bit daunting, she soon settles down to become a loving and affectionate little lady. She is looking for a fresh start with a nurturing owner or older family. In return, she will be a faithful friend and a joy to have in your home.
Black DSH female, 8 years old. Bella is a poppet through and through. She is so gentle and kind natured. Although she's been a bit shy in her new surroundings, she soon comes out to have a fuss when you spend a little time talking softly to her. She is very affectionate and people oriented, going all soppy when she's given attention. Bella is looking forward to being part of a new family in a loving and nurturing home. She's a lovely little person to have as a companion, and could possibly settle well with primary age children and older.
Bluebell Ridge (RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre
Tel: 01424 752121 (11am-3pm every day except Thursdays)
RSPCA Emergency Helpline Number: 0300 1234 999

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Bluebell Ridge
(RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre
Tel: 01424 752121
(11am-3pm every day except Thurs)
RSPCA Emergency Helpline:
0300 1234 999